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About Aignis

Aignis brand was founded in 2017, aignis will be the modern home life style and fashion design concept of environmental protection combined with the design and production process of ultra fine Zhuo will be flexible, close to fashion into the ordinary family, the size of product styles, different colors and different flame aignis technology, through the intelligent control, can be easily set the timing, flame type, aignis electronic candle is made of wax, really enough real ones, and do not have to worry about the flame, absolutely no danger of fire or burning risk, for pets or children’s family is very safe, you can enjoy the perfect night environment, can be widely used in birthday, Christmas decorations, Home Furnishing. Bar, hotel, holiday parties, weddings and other occasions. The flame stimulation technique makes these wonderful candles swing, flicker, so beautiful and convincing that you and your guests will always be impressed and perfectly demonstrate the idea of a romantic, comfortable life!

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